Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Wine on a Tuesday

It is half past seven and Iain and I are drinking a glass of really cheap French white wine. Iain has got this idea of something I can use my blog for: blind wine reviews! This will involve drinking sips of wine that I don't yet know the identify of - writing down some tasting notes and a couple of guesses with regards to country/region, grape and price. Sounds like fun - living in California there certainly is enough wine around to taste (that won't necessarily leave you broke at the end of it) so we might very possibly have a go at this task. But not tonight - because I already know what I am drinking (and it is not terribly impressive...).

PS Iain also suggested blind food reviews. But some of his suggestions are just plain silly.

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  1. Ha ha, within about 20 minutes of this post we'd opened another bottle and she was chugging that :-)