Sunday, July 22, 2012


Oslo 22/7

The first harvest

There have not been many news about the garden thus far. If I can only get hold of the pictures from Iain's laptop then I will upload some to show the progress that we have made with the overgrown patch that we took over earlier this year. Until then, enjoy a photo of our first roma tomatoes and peppers (anaheim and serrano).

Solar eclipse!

Another delayed post showing some excellent photos from the solar eclipse. We viewed the eclipse by projecting an image of the sun through Iain's binocular onto a sheet of white paper. Fascinating!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Last weeks' events

The most exciting thing that's happened the past few weeks are:

1) visit to Norway-Scotland
2) looking after Ky the cat
3) 17th May celebration (in Davis)
4) solar eclipse
5) bonchitis
6) HMQ's jubilee (also in Davis)

... Here follows a super quick summary of our Northern European adventure:

A walk up Dalsnuten to fight the jetlag

Kilt and bunad

Magnus at his confirmation

Demonstrating how to use an air gun...

Sunny day in Stavanger


Iain feeling a little scared!

Weather coming in...

Ten minutes later... 

Scottish dog on Scottish beach! We're in Aberdeenshire!

Iain and Misty

A Scottish BBQ (and PIL get together) at Jenny's cottage in Tilly 

Celebrating my 11 111th day of life!

A quick walk up the local hills

Wilco loves you and I love Wilco beer!

Sunday, April 29, 2012


Yesterday we made some really delicious stuff. Actually, Iain made most of it (I made brine for the fish and boiled a couple of eggs and potatoes). We spent the sunny afternoon on the patio smoking a full side of salmon on our new grill! :-)

In the evening, when the salmon was ready, Iain made the most difficult sauce in the world (Hollandaise!). He whisked and whisked and whisked some more and it was a true success!!

  No pictures of the salmon, I'm afraid - but here's the sauce!!

The pool season has started!

It's right! The temperature  has reached the 30s two weekends running and the pool is a nice and refreshing place to be!

Escape to the Sierras!

Last weekend was the Davis picnic day and having heard mixed reviews about the event, we decided to rent a car and head to the mountains. We (Kartika, Molly, Mariam, Iain, T-Ball and I) got a late start and knew little about where we were going, but the trip was a huge success and we'll be back at Horsetail Falls when we next get a chance.

T-Ball strapped in and ready.

An excellent opportunity to play some 'Where's Kartika!'

Molly was running most of the time.

We found some very exciting trees, like this half eaten one and Mariam's little friend.

Sierra snow is melting

I think I'll just lie here for a bit...

Molly got to see snow for the *first* time!! And she loved it!

Kartika was not so impressed, however.

T-Ball enjoying the views.

The driver having another nap...

Tired dog ready (or actually not quite so ready) to go home to Davis...

We're in.... Berkeley! :-)

Two weekends ago we took our bikes on the Amtrak and travelled an hour and a half towards the coast to Berkeley to see our previous neighbours Will & Minda and their cat Ky. Berkeley is lovely! It's very...

... steep in some places and got some interesting wild life... 

... like this pretty lizard and... 

... Anna's hummingbird

Berkeley is in easy reach of San Francisco and Oakland and...

you can cycle everywhere (like in Davis)!

Food's great... 

... and they've got a pretty prestigious University. But most importantly...  

... you get coffee served in a wine glass at the train station.