Sunday, June 3, 2012

Last weeks' events

The most exciting thing that's happened the past few weeks are:

1) visit to Norway-Scotland
2) looking after Ky the cat
3) 17th May celebration (in Davis)
4) solar eclipse
5) bonchitis
6) HMQ's jubilee (also in Davis)

... Here follows a super quick summary of our Northern European adventure:

A walk up Dalsnuten to fight the jetlag

Kilt and bunad

Magnus at his confirmation

Demonstrating how to use an air gun...

Sunny day in Stavanger


Iain feeling a little scared!

Weather coming in...

Ten minutes later... 

Scottish dog on Scottish beach! We're in Aberdeenshire!

Iain and Misty

A Scottish BBQ (and PIL get together) at Jenny's cottage in Tilly 

Celebrating my 11 111th day of life!

A quick walk up the local hills

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