Monday, March 19, 2012

Groce-out Côtes du Rhône!

Ted the Mule (Tête de Mule) Syrah-Grenache, France 2009:

Ted the Mule stubbornly upholds French tradition, blending the noble Syrah with the playful Grenache sourced from the sun-drenched Rhone Valley, Ventoux vineyards. Though spunky and energic, Ted has a serious side and sports a bit of a kick. Opening notes of fresh berry fruit aromas and flavours segue to smoky-spicy elements typical of the terroir of southern France. Comfortable at a formal table with top cuts of grilled meat, Ted also enjoys hangin' on the couch with a slice of pizza or a bowl of pasta.

I like Ted the Mule, but he is really difficult to explain. Some nice acidity... Dry, but also a little sweet (is this what they call well-balanced?). It's the third day since we opened and the savory flavours are becoming more pronounced. I am becoming aware of the fact that I do like Grenache - and this one is definitely worth a whole lot more than the $5.99 we paid for it.  

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