Saturday, March 24, 2012

Groce-Out Mendoza Pinot (?)!

Maula Pinot Noir, Mendoza Argentina 2010: 

Limpid and bright red color, of medium strength with cherry color hues. Aromatic. To red fruits, strawberries, cassis, pepper, chocolate, tobacco and some vanilla. It reminds of nuts. In mouth is smooth and velvety, sweet Strawberry marmalade in its highest expression. Elegrant acididy. Round with soft tannins.

Maybe I should trust my palate less than usual this time as we drank this wine one evening when we were making orange marmalade and all I seemed to be able to smell and taste was citrus! Still... I was surprised by this wine - although to be honest I wasn't quite sure what to expect from an Argentinian Pinot Noir. Reading the description I got the impression that there would be more sweetness from the red fruits and strawberries, but I tasted many delicious savoury flavours. Maybe not nuts - but tobacco I think for sure. It is smooth and it does have a very elegant acidity and do believe I might try another south American pinot again after this.

I have a complicated relationship with Pinot Noir. I love the French style, light and smooth with taste of... Autumn? The American ones I like, but they tend to be too perfumed for me, too rose-flavoured (or I can't really describe what it is) and I rarely want more than a small glass. The good ones also tend to be expensive! That does not count for this bargain from Groce-Out costing only about a fiver.

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