Sunday, April 29, 2012

Escape to the Sierras!

Last weekend was the Davis picnic day and having heard mixed reviews about the event, we decided to rent a car and head to the mountains. We (Kartika, Molly, Mariam, Iain, T-Ball and I) got a late start and knew little about where we were going, but the trip was a huge success and we'll be back at Horsetail Falls when we next get a chance.

T-Ball strapped in and ready.

An excellent opportunity to play some 'Where's Kartika!'

Molly was running most of the time.

We found some very exciting trees, like this half eaten one and Mariam's little friend.

Sierra snow is melting

I think I'll just lie here for a bit...

Molly got to see snow for the *first* time!! And she loved it!

Kartika was not so impressed, however.

T-Ball enjoying the views.

The driver having another nap...

Tired dog ready (or actually not quite so ready) to go home to Davis...

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