Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Blind wine review II

We're on bottle number two (or rather were because this happen a good week and a half ago...). Iain looked rather excited when he poured me this glass. So I lift it up to my nose and take a big sniff. Musty cellar and wet dog. I am so sorry Iain, but this wine didn't impress me in smell nor in taste. I had a cold, I know I know, that might have been it (at least I had not been eating jalapeño crisps this time!).

I think I went through every single grape variety that I know the name of before I guess this one. Given our location I simply wasn't expecting an old Sangiovese on the table. But that's what it is. And so old that maybe it used to be better...

It is only fair to also let Iain have his say (and he does appear to have a more... refined..? taste in comparison to me). And Iain is heavily disagreeing with me on this one. His opinion is that the nine year old Alta Peak Sangiovese is that although took a while to 'open up' (apparently the musty flavours faded away) it was a delicious old Italian-style bargain. Unfortunately the flavours were gone the next day. Oh well. It just wasn't here to stay.

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  1. You know you have tagged this "wwine", is that significant?