Sunday, February 19, 2012

Some old news... Part I

I was looking through our photos from the past couple of months and suddenly came to reliase how we haven't shared our December bike trip around San Francisco and to the Marin headlands! We were in San Francisco for the weekend to see the National by the civic centre. It was a wonderful show - although we were shattered from all our adventures during the day. Our plan was to take the ferry over to Angel Island, cycle around the island and the hike to the top to enjoy the view of the city. The ferries are not very regular though and we missed our only chance to go across in the morning. So instead we cycled along the piers, past the Golden Gate Bridge,  through Presideo Park, through Golden Gate park and then up through the city centre and to the civic centre. The weather was glorious and it was already December!!

San Francisco

Iain at the Golden Gate

The Marin Headlands on the other side

Wearing a helmet, dad!!

The hilly city

Sun setting just outside the Golde Gate Park

The next day we packed some lunch, checked out of our Days Inn motel room and cycled back down to the piers and this time over the bridge. There we took a brief stop at the vista point before we cycled through a tunnel and down to the Marin Headlands to the left of the bridge. Weather was still sunny and beautiful and we cycled all the way to the beach where we had lunch before we took off past the missile base and all the way to the little light house. There we saw peregrine falcons and seals and lots of pelicans. Wildlife success! We took a tractor road back up it was terribly steep so we had to walk our bikes most of the way (also turns out hybrids don't like tractor roads!). We got to the vista point at the left of the bridge just as the sun was setting and it was the best of views (although getting a bit chilly!). Then we cycled back across the bridge and to the embarcadero where we caught the bus back to Emeryville from which we took the train to Davis.


Lunch looking over the beaches, Marin Headlands

San Francisco in the background 

Tiny light house on the edge of a cliff


Look at the state of his jeans, Caroline!

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