Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A heavenly evening at the Jayashankar's

True. I do enjoy cooking - but sometimes there's nothing better but to sit down at a ready set table and get served other people's wonderful creations. Last night Iain and I were spoiled rotten over at the Jayashankar-McAlister joint on Author Street, bolting down baked chicken with dijon mustard, mashed potatoes and fried (or baked - dunno, but delicious still!) law-breaking peaches. I cannot tell you the recipe as all I did to help was to remove the sizzling hot chicken from the oven (while Kartika was juggling a million other pots...) and it saddens me to report that we did not bring a camera... BUT do not despair as I have recreated this fantastic dish from memory using advance software technology. See below. And envy who I was yesterday evening.

Meal was preceded by two different sorts of chips (all good for us of course) and accompanied by Moose drool and a glass of Californian Merlot. Following the main course we all indulged in some very awesome (but apparently also very sexist!) 'quick coffee cake'. Yum. Then we all leaned back and enjoyed the entertainment of fat cat, hungry chicken and energy dog.  All in all, I had a pretty flavoursome and interesting day. Thanks guys!


  1. ahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa fatcat has finally found her way into a blog entry! Can I say I love the graphic!!!! What are you some Paintbrush genius?

  2. I was very tempted to include a link to the video clip that Iain took of fat cat polishing the patio door. Aw fat cat... She just wants to be free!