Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Nerds seeking nerds

This is where I work now.


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  2. What happened to my comment?
    So I love this...a couple of questions...where did you find this?....... why is hygiene so important to nerds who apparently spend a lot of time watching crappy TV shows?..... What the heck is TF2?...... why is Stargate SG1 not on the list??

  3. :-) I'll attempt to answer all your questions...

    1) on the notice board outside my lab next to the AA advert.

    2) Don't know, don't think it is - maybe they are just wanting 'the others' to think they're clean.

    3)I had to google this (am clearly not a nerd... yet)

    4)I think they maybe full appreciation of Stargate is a prerequisite for acquiring nerd status, so no need to include the obvious?

  4. thanks Maria! I love that you have AA ads outside your lab....wild..... have pictures of animals for adoption :-)

  5. What's up with my comments today......I meant "we" have pictures of animals for adoption